Who We Are

Lummii Energy is a global energy efficiency solutions provider based in the United Kingdom and with operations in UK, USA, Europe and Southern Africa. Lummii Energy was born out of a partnership with BEST Energy, a renowned UK energy efficiency company that has been revolutionising the energy efficiency market across more than 50 countries since 2006. In a world where energy challenges are growing ranging from the generation type’s impact on climate change, energy security and spiralling costs, Best Energy sought to find the best energy source out there which is easier to access than Wind, cheaper than Solar and Cleaner than geothermal energy and the answer was ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

The greatest challenge in achieving energy efficiency has been that energy wastage is invisible and unless you make the invisible visible you can not manage it. Lummii Energy combines the best in hardware and software to measure on a second by second energy drawn across multiple circuits and posts this data onto a cloud platform from where powerful analytics are then performed to identify potential areas of energy savings which are then implemented resulting in energy savings ranging from 18 to 40%.

Our energy saving solutions and the technology behind have been tested for years and we have total confidence in them. To that extent we don't ask you to make a capital outlay, instead the solution is paid for through demonstrated energy savings which will be split between your company and ourselves over an agreed contract period. Our ethos is clear and simple - NO SAVINGS NO PAYMENT

Our solutions are used by top brand institutions across the globe including:

We Always Work With A Great Team.

Our CEO is a former CEO of an Investment Banking group and brings a wealth of corporate leadership skills to the team. He is supported by a team which is made of highly qualified professionals with vast experience across various sectors including:

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

IT, IoT & AI

Project Management

Business Development

Financial Management

Strategic Management

Investment Banking and Corporate Finance